Drug rehab: She spent more than $110,000. Her son still died.

$110,000…. Just think of the drugs you, I mean one, could buy with that coin. Seriously though, it’s tragic and it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. All too often wealthy people have children who get addicted. Kids have access to money easier than most. Parents are often preoccupied until it’s too late. No, I don’t have a study that breaks down addiction rates. Would be really hard to trust anything on that front cause rich people who pay for first class treatment often pay for privacy as much as anything, well that and keeping their kids apart from dirty druggies.

Stopped reading at Sean died at 27 from alcohol and Fentanyl. The article lumps fentanyl in with opioids, but that’s so disingenuous. Opium is derived from a plant, the beautiful poppy. Its cultivation and use by humans dates back millennia, at least to 5,500 BC. Fentanyl is a synthesized laboratory product from 1960. They get away with calling it an opioid because it acts on opioid receptors, but those receptors are meant for the natural product, not this abomination. Fentanyl should be restricted to the hospital environment and only there when there’s a good rationale. Almost the entire “opioid” o.d. crisis of late is fentanyl. Most people who use morphine or heroin aren’t thinking suicide. I know a young person who was either murdered or accidentally od’s cause of fentanyl and it’s apparently common because people have no clue what they are really doing with such a crazy potent chemical. When you drink you learn real quick the relative equivalence of a shot and a beer and a glass of wine. You figure out what’s fun and what gets you sick or black out drunk. Same with pretty much all the natural drugs like cannabis and true opioids. Not so Fentanyl. There is no learning curve at all. For many the first time they dabble they die.

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